Find Out Why CMOs Are Using Social Listening to Inform Their Marketing

Download PACIFIC’s latest in-depth research study, Thumb Wars: The Social Listening Guide to Managing Campaigns, Scandals, and Viral Moments. It might just have you rethinking your brand management tactics.

We looked at the social conversations surrounding some of the more prominent brand campaigns, corporate scandals, and viral events. What was discovered were some commonalities that the better-performing brand activities shared that helped them create a strong public perception. As a marketing professional, you can easily apply these best practices to promotional efforts, crisis management, and moments of serendipity. Get your copy right now.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • How to maximize the positive sentiment and lifespan of brand campaigns

  • How to mitigate any potential negative fallout from a scandal or crisis

  • How to take advantage of any viral opportunities

  • And more…


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